York Wing Chun Kung Fu

About Us

Like everything, there is a beginning…

The York Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (YWCKFA) has been training students in Wing Chun since 1997 under the careful guidance of Sifu John Bates.

Photo of Sifu John Bates

Sifu John has been training Wing Chun most of his adult life under Sifu Derek Frearson of The International TaiJiQuan, Shaolin and Wu Shu Association (ITSWA) based in Leicester. After moving to York it was a natural progression for Sifu John to establish his own club and students. From small beginnings with one night a week and progressing to three nights a week training, private lessons, regular seminars the YWCKFA is now a strong and respected part of the York Martial Arts scene.

The YWCKFA owes much of its success to the ITSWA and in particular Sifu Derek Frearson for the strong support and guidance in the helping Sifu John to establish his club to further spread the teachings of Traditional Wing Chun and TaiJiQuan.

Photo of Sifu Steve Leah

Sifu John Bates is the head instructor with the support of Sifu Steve Leah. Our school offers traditional Foshan Wing Chun with modern methods of delivery.

Learn more about how we train on our training page.